The Alandi are a steppe tribe who invaded from the Infinite Steppe, but Genosized and settled in the place now known for them. Both they and Dace have a bad reputation as being barely-civilized savages, but the Alandi have been around for longer, and people have mostly gotten used to them, whereas the Dacians are new, and always starting shit.

Military Edit

The Alankovat Guard are some of the few elements of the Alandi army that willingly fight on foot. Their roots as a steppe culture have not been forgotten, but these men hold the pride of defending the only city to resist the Great Invasion of the Iron Horde, a hundred years past. Almost certainly the inspiration for the Grays of Osterbija, the Alankovat Guard join for life, and have their names stricken from the city's records. While they are never to be spoken of again by name, their families often come into great gifts by the King, due to "random bouts of generosity."

The Alankovat Guard are primarily archers, but their skill with spear and saber are legend. While the Grays may excel at holding walls, the Alankovat Guard often has the audacity to sally forth from the walls, and build entrenchments before them, daring steppeland invaders to strike them in the open, when in fact the ground is a network of pitfalls, deathtraps, stakes, and caltrops.