This minor King is the last legitimate heir to the throne of Albion through the original line. He rules the island of Tarimann, a dreary place surrounded by perpetual mist and fog, and surrounded by terrible reefs covered in the skeletal remains of ruined ships.

Tarimann itself is small, and its inhabitants are very isolated from the rest of the Slivers, speaking a slightly different version of Albish that has long since died on the mainland. Over the centuries, great effort has gone into fortifying the island, building walls across all of the beaches, and forts as well. Thusfar, Tarimann's defenses have never been tested--the Krajini never considered the King a threat, and Clachland intends to back his claim at some point if the Nemeceks become to powerful.

Arcturus the Forgotten is a somber man who keeps strange council. The strangest is an ancient Din of uncertain type named Moloko. This woman has been the tutor, adviser, court sorceress and seneschal for the exiled kings of Tarimann since time immemorial. Others include an exiled Zoph from Karthack and, if he is to be believed, an Izagoni Thaumaturge.

It is also a confirmed fact that Arcturus the Forgotten is a close associate of Kyton von Richtofen, the Grandmaster of the Order of the Black Sun, a splinter faction of the Kasonic Order that investigates magical artifacts. The two have been seen together in Algenburg, something that caused such a panic in Krajina that it almost started a war with the Kaselreich.

His title, "The Forgotten," was given to him by the Krajini when he rose to power, as a mockery. The irony is, they DID forget about him, and now that he is acting, they know neither how, nor to what end, nor with what means.