The Bangle Guard are an elite unit in the army of Dace, raised and commanded by Zaza Racoco. The unit is made up entirely of Zells from Taphonomy Bay, who owe their very survival to Racoco, who shielded them from genocidal rebels during the Dacian Rebellion. The Bangle Guard were assembled after the Bek Incident, though Racoco had been requesting permission from the government to raise such a regiment for some time by then. The force served a key role in the defeat of the Marju at the Battle of Solkom by cutting off the Marju's supply lines and forcing them to waste their strength ousting the Bangle Guard from their position on Solkom Hill. Because Zells can drink salt water, the water supply that the Marju captured from the retreating Bangle Guard was useless to them, and thus they were forced to retreat North into a trap set by Racoco at Shaitan Pass.

The Bangle Guard bear this name because their uniform includes a bangle worn around the right bicep.