« There are undead, of course, and monsters of various sorts, and big scary things like the Dark Watchers, but truth be told these are, to me, elements of nature, natural dangers and events that shape the setting and story, rather than antagonists and enemies that players should be facing frequently.

The reason for this is that Song of Swords is not supposed to be a game about killing faceless monsters or braindead zombies, it's a game about killing people. People have families, friends, and lives. Every person you kill is a human life ended, something significant and valuable lost. I despise the idea of cheapening that act. I'm not a pacifist either, I absolutely believe that violence can be necessary, and even that aggression can be justifiable by circumstance. The distinction is that violence against man has a moral cost, and I do not like pretending that that cost doesn't exist. »

— Jimmy Rome

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