Large felids are fairly common throughout Vosca. Historically lions have been considered creatures sacred to Genosus, and thus killing them (unless they have killed humans) is considered sacrilege. Even so, they tend not to cohabit with humans well, and so most of them live on the outskirts of society--though a few are kept in royal zoos and the like. Galli has many, though they seem to dislike the wetlands and the forests, and stick to the hills.

Tigers tend to live in the north. Osterbija has a large population of tigers living in its valleys, and though they are not considered sacred, it's considered bad luck to kill one, because of legends that they are shapeshifters with vengeful families. Aland and Ruscovy have them as well, mostly living in the great plains.

Domestic CatsEdit

Karthack keeps domesticated cats, and at the very least the Dacians seem to as well. The "Ischil Longhair" is a breed of cat, one of which is owned by Zaza Racoco, who designated it as his stand-in in the Dacian Senate, to show his contempt for the position of Great Captain.

The Zells also have an unnamed breed of cat that is said to resemble the Manul, or Pallas Cat, which has adapted to life on the Zellislava and can in some limited way share in the Zellish Dream.