The Dacian Crosswalkers are a specialized unit of the Dacian military, dedicated to ensuring the safe flow of commerce through the Cross Way. Since the Cross Way runs through the Hollow, this means less dealing with the ordinary bandits and more dealing with Goblins and the sundry other unspecified horrors lurking within the infinite chasms of the Hollow.

Drawn exclusively from Dacian stock, they have the highest recruitment standards of any unit in the Dacian military, but they have very little prestige compared to, say, the Volkodavs or the Republican Guard. This may be because most people never see them do anything. They are nevertheless totally essential to the commerce in Cross Way that sustains the nation.

They're a dour bunch. They're not in it for the pay (the pay's garbage) and they sure aren't in it for the fame. They're the sorts who climb down slick sheer cave walls in the dark and knife fight goblins because they want to. Because that's what they grew up wanting to do for a living.

Naturally, the Crosswalkers are perpetually understaffed.

Their Karthacki equivalent is the Gladioulus Society.