Also called the Iron-Spears or the Elfspears, they are the elite guard of the Holy Emperor of Kasel.

Their name derives from their weapons. The Burdinadin, by way of ancient treaty, traditionally supply the Emperor with one thousand swords a year, all of the same model, in return for a pre-determined quantity of foodstuffs, silks, and resources they cannot acquire themselves.

These swords were originally given away as gifts by the Emperor, but after a while basically everyone had one, and they had to find new uses for them. Eventually they were made into swordstaves, and the unit that used them were dubbed the Eisenspiess. They are all drawn from the nobility, and are used as the final line of defense for the Emperor's person. Detachments of them are sometimes sent to bolster favored units, or to provide a powerful honor guard for favored generals and commanders. Their spears are shorter than regular pikes, but the heavy armor and iron discipline of the men holding them often make up for that deficiency in spades.