Official art of her with her spear.

Eskarne the Oath Keeper is an Ohanedin who, hundreds of years ago, lost her husband, a human whose name is now forgotten to history, to a forgotten conflict.

When he died, she swore to kill everyone responsible for his death. The list was many thousands of names long. Since in Ohanedin culture, entire bloodlines are treated as single entities for legal purposes, she has been hunting down and killing entire lineages of people ever since.

Her reputation as being "The First Spear," possibly the greatest spearfighter to ever live, has also resulted in her being the object of ambitious duelists across the country. She's killed almost as many people in duels and challenges as she has in the pursuit of revenge.

Ohanedin clan laws thankfully don't include cadet branches of the bloodlines as descendants, so she only targets the "main branch" of the bloodline she's trying to destroy. Which, at least by Ohanedin law, would be the only ones bearing the same name — after the first child, the rest receive a slight permutation on the family name.

Of course humans do this differently, which has made it a nightmare for her to actually find all of the people she's trying to kill. She's had to contract with the spirits, and increase the scope of her Ohanedin senses to follow the trail of blood.

It's important to understand here, virtually nobody understands what she's so butthurt about, and why she hunts down these people and kills them. She doesn't ever explain herself. Most of the people she kills die without knowing why they're dying.

There's a lot of folk legend surrounding her now, trying to decipher her motives. Only a small handful of people know what she's really about.

If she mistakenly kills someone not intended to be a target, she feels a bit bad, but not very. At this point, she can no longer remember her husband's face, and even struggles with his name. She has blackouts. She finds herself surrounded by corpses, and no memory of how she got there. The only thing she can remember about the man she used to love is that she has to keep killing for him. She doesn't know what she'd do if she ever actually killed everyone that she needed to kill.

Influence on the Spirit-World[edit | edit source]

Eskarne's oath has driven her to kill an enormous amount of people, to the point that she has tangibly influenced the spirit-realm. Anywhere in the spirit world, she can be seen in the distance as a gigantic vortex of black, malignant energy. The spirits, and travelers to the realm, use her as a point of navigation, because the sheer weight of murder that she has committed has made her visible from anywhere in the entire realm. Even spirits of murder and violence avoid getting too close to her for fear of being swept up into her vortex and lost to it.

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