Geárloch is a large island kingdom, which casts a long shadow over the Slivers

Gearloch's natives have a complex history with Genosism. Though initially their conversion was peaceful, a very violent rivalry formed between the older Pagans and the new Genosian converts as their numbers swelled.

As the conflict went on, it became increasingly bitter, and while the Genosians eventually won, the clan rivalries that formed during this war remain to this day, and there are rumors that certain clans still practice pagan rites in secret, though most of the holy places have been built over with Genosian monuments.

Regardless, this marked the first time the Genosians had ever faced a Pagan adversary head-on and won through force of arms, and as such Gearloch has had a reputation for this ever since. The Kasonic Order hires a significant number of Lochmen as mercenaries, and much of Jenoesa's colonial population are of Lochish stock, having been brought over because they were believed to be better at defending the faith and slitting infidel throats.