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The Reaver himself, in full formal war gear

This is Kal'Ceska, The Reaver of the Mountains, and General of the Host of Kar-Druss. He is renowned across the land for his leadership, his strength at arms, and also for his writings on war, statecraft, and the caste system of Karthack. It was he, many years ago, who led the host that finally repelled the Marju invaders, and he has since won further laurels of fame for his battles with further Marju invaders, the Kedouins, and the Western Voscans.


Kal'Ceska was married to a woman whom, if tales are true, he shares a deep and mutual loathing for. The marriage was arranged by the Zophkaga in the traditional manner. Kals are often wed to people they hate to make them unafraid of death. It is said that Kal'Ceska's wife "accidentally" let his favorite hound out of his house where it was never seen again.


The Pauldrons, the mask, and the mirror plate are orichalcum. The rest is just decorated with bronze, to which Orichalcum bears a strong resemblance.

"One could speculate that the reverse blade is made up of the same metal as the forward one, but in a more compact wedge-like cross section. So it would have a different effect on armor than the thinner forward blade. A spike, as is normally common on halberds, might have had the same effect. But maybe Kal'Ceska felt that having a spike on the back of his axe would bring the total number of spikes on his outfit up to four, and then his fashion designer might want to make the two axe ones do a little bendy thing like the helmet ones, and then he'd have to argue with him about it, and he's a friend of the God-King, and then Zophkaga Shastamannos would get involved and he'd want to put little moons everywhere, and Dessia's tits, just put a little axe head on the back."

-Jimmy Rome, on Kal'Ceska's axe