The Kedouin lands are essentially huge deserts and wasteland regions controlled by the Kedouin people, who are nomadic, elusive, and difficult to deal with. However, they serve an important function: the "Lost Continent" of Izagone rests in the sea a bit to the east of the Kedouin lands. The Kedouins, being a fairly primitive people, but one that excels in bargaining, are the only race to date to successfully contact and trade with the Izagoni, and the spices, textiles and jewelry that they bring north to the Teljuks makes their irritating raids, refusal to submit to the authority of the Teljuks, and occasional ten-thousand-strong invasions much more tolerable.

Kedoua is a deceptively named geographic entity. Firstly, it isn't solely ruled by any one entity. In fact, it isn't ruled at all. Kedoua is essentially a massive desert. Most of the country is water-deprived, sandy, and sparsely inhabited.

The Kedouins are not one tribe, but a whole ethnic group of linguistically similar nomads, who inhabit the massive wasteland, and mostly deal in trading goods from one coast to another. They are not densely numerous, but the sheer size of Kedoua makes them an enormous force to be reckoned with in war, as every man and woman is expected to lift a bow or blade to defend their right to rule the desert.

Kedouins are swarthy folk with dark hair and dark eyes, but lighter colorations are not unknown. For a long time, it was common for exiles and adventurers from Western Vosca to travel East to Kedoua in search of adventure. Many such warriors were adopted into nomadic tribes, married local women, and vanished into the sands, the only evidence of their passing the armor and weapons wielded by their descendants.

As a whole, the Kedouins are not interested in conquest. They love their deserts, and they are perfectly content to dwell in them forever, controlling the great trade routes, and living from oasis to oasis. From time to time, though, a warlord can convince the many thousands of men in the tribes under his control to sweep outwards and seize territory. This is a threat that the Karthacks are constantly aware of, and in many ways are more concerned about than of the Marju.