The Krajini Crna Strazha (Black Patrol) more commonly called the Kralguard, or the Kralchester Upper Guard, are known to fight with messers, but they are also issued pistols, and are supposed to be excellent shots.

The unit is made up of orphans and the children of banished families – of any ethnicity. They are all raised to speak the Osterbijan tongue and to otherwise integrate into "proper" society in Kralchester. They act as the bodyguards of the Crown and also the elite guards of the capital. They are not generally deployed in war, but often serve as escorts and bodyguards for important generals and relatives of the royal family.

They are very proficient fighters, since they have access to some of the finest teachers, and though there is no proof of such a thing, it is rumored that those who cannot handle the rigorous training (or those who resist instruction in acting like a "civilized" Osterb) are killed as an example to the rest. There is a female auxiliary, but they are not employed in combat or guard duty, instead acting as civil servants... Though they still receive the same instruction and upbringing, and there have been instances of them taking up the sword during dire situations.