Ogres are large, bipedal humanoids, but they are probably not related genetically to humans — at least not any time recently. They used to be a race that (some say) coexisted with men and Din, in the ages before agriculture. But with the coming of farms and cities, they were simply unable to survive because of their intense dietary requirements, and were driven off into the wilds, where they still live to this day in a hunter-gatherer style, trying to keep out of reach of cities and farmers. They are stereotyped as inbred cannibals incompatible with civilization, and are often killed on sight, or used for brute labor with the promise of alcohol and beef as their reward. They are also very fond of cow's milk, and often accept pay in the form of buckets of the stuff.

They are a race that prefers to be left alone, and they hate being told what to do, but as the frontiers shrink inevitably their options will be reduced to integrating in some way with civilization, or being forced into ever more remote and inhospitable locations.


As for the Eclipse, what is interesting is that the Dark Watchers and their Spawn very rarely attack the wildlife, or even those who dwell mostly in the wild. The Marju don't even know what the Dark Watchers are. It is only once a people begin altering the land, building permanent structures and generally making a target visible from the sky that the Dark Watchers descend upon them.

For this reason, the last resort of many people during the Eclipse is to flee into the woods and hide in caves or burrows.