Opaque Industries, or Φ, is the business responsible for Song of Swords and the Tattered Realms. It is a small workshop in northern California, sponsored by a man with the alias John Galt. It employs one Jimmy Rome, a game designer, community interact-with-er, and general purpose catamite, Claymore, the small-dicked producer, Bones, who is in charge of art, and some people nobody ever really thinks about.

Individual ContributionsEdit

The main themes of the Tattered Realms setting are based in the tastes of the Opaque Industries team:

  • Jimmy: Disproportionate Revenge, Ultranationalism
  • Galt: Religious Symbolism, Slavocentrism
  • Bones: Masks, Fearless Warriors
  • Claymore: Claymores, Armet Helmets
  • Croaker: Zells, Confusing Magical Bullshit
  • Silk: Anachronistic Warfare


SoS's design team seems to be made up of multiple layers of crazy religious cults.

  • Waldorf. Jimmy Rome and several of the other team members were part of Rudolf Steiner's depraved German Anthroposophical Society. For the record, Hitler was competing with this Steiner guy for auditorium space back in the 1930s, because they were equal levels of insane.
  • Catholicism. Rome and Galt, at least, are Catholic. Rome is said to have worn a cilice as a young man. A cilice is a spiked legband whose express purpose is to cause pain so that you are constantly reminded of God.
  • Kabbalism. Someone on that design team knows enough about kabbalistic tradition to have created at least a vague approximation of it in-setting. The presence of the I Ching on top of this suggests a fixation with 19th century magical traditions. This is heavy shit. Kids into "magick" shit these days aren't interested in reading dense Hebrew texts from 800 years ago, they want to burn some peyote and talk to the goddess tomorrow.

So there are three crazy cults layered on top of each other here. 19th Century German Mysticism, PaleoCatholic Extremism, and fucking Numerological Kike Sorcery.

So when you encounter something that resonates with your religious understanding of the world, remember that you are reading a horror setting written by members of three deranged doomsday cults, the MOST REASONABLE OF WHICH is the bad guys from The Da Vinci Code.