Ruvia was the high empire that united Vosca in days long past. The city of Ruvia today is the capital of the Solar Empire of Illegon, and the government of Illegon is frequently referred to as "Ruvia" because of the place's importance. Ruvia is probably the Imperial Seat of the Pontifatrix.

Ruvian PaganryEdit

In the days when Genosus's worship was yet unknown, it is said that there were many gods, who were bodies in the sky, rather than the Almighty Sun.

It is said that these lesser gods once ruled the affairs of men, even walked among them and bred with them from time to time, and that their progeny were mighty and greater than regular men. Some even say that these beings were as strong as Paladins, and that some of them walk the land still. Some speak of a "Great Enemy," a tyrant and monster who sought to bring all men beneath his boot, and to destroy all other gods. To speak his name is forbidden. Only one man is said to know it, the oldest of Paladins, Grandmaster of the Hematite Order, Gaius Lucullus Sulla... And he is not of the talking sort.

But these are just old pagan stories, and are, of course, heresy to even speak of in the light of day.