Thanemarch is a northerly kingdom, and a cultural brother to Svitgard. The two are less uniformly Genosian than the rest of Vosca, though the nobility has mostly converted, and those who have refused to are driven into exile, mostly in the Wolfsmaw Isles. Their men fight much as the rest of the continent does.


By this point in Voscan military history, warfare has moved away from the shield wall. Pike formations are the big thing right now on the continent, with deep pike blocks supported by halberdiers and handgunners or crossbowmen being all the rage.

Additionally, heavy cavalry with lances (or sometimes pistols) have served to make the formation a lot less useful than it was before.


However, the Pagans are different. They are exiles, clinging to an ancient tradition and trying to protect their culture from the systematic dismantlement that they expect the Genosians to enforce on them. The great majority of them are hiding in the Wolfsmaw Isles in poverty, scratching a living from the stones and occasionally raiding for resources and materials.