Each race of Din, or Elves, have a different Focus. Their "Focus" is a way in which the Din can become immortal, never aging once they reach maturity. For each race of Din, the Focus varies wildly.

The Focus of the ZellEdit

The Zells have a relatively simple Focus. Become part of the Dream - a mysterious, psychic network that the Crew of a Zellish ship share. When a Dream is formed, the ship that the Zell currently reside in turned into a Zellislava - a living, sentient ship - and each Zell begins to hear the thoughts of the others around them. 

The Zell are then able to communicate by thought alone, and as long as they remain part of a Dream, they will never age.

The Focus of the BurdinadinEdit

The Burdinadins do not currently know what their Focus is, but so long as they are within the Iron Glades or properly shielded while outside, they retain their Elvish Agelessness.

The Focus of the OhanedinEdit

To preserve their immortality, Ohanedin must obey the mandates of their Patron Spirits. Never clothing themselves in metal (metal weapons are acceptable, as long as the Ohanedin doesn’t actually have to touch the metal part), never betraying an oath freely given, and never eating meat from animals that cannot speak are the three basic prerequisites, but many have significantly more.

The Focus of the OrredinEdit

The Orredin require a saturation of magical energy to maintain their immortality, either the energy that naturally flows through the world or from an accumulation of the energy each Orredin gives off.