The Infinite Steppe constitutes one edge of Vosca. It is poor farmland and has little to offer. It is infested with Marju, who are indigenous to the area. The people of Dace are making an effort to settle and bring order to the area, but are opposed by roving bandits and by the difficulty of the land - though it is better quality than Dacian soil, it is still thin and bears little fruit. The Volkodavs in particular range the Infinite Steppe, killing nomads and bandits for the defense and expansion of Dacian settlement.

The "Infinite Steppe" has its name for a reason. The steppe is huge. Moreover, parts of it do not seem to conform to normal physical laws. Compasses simply stop working once you get a hundred miles or so away from the Sich. The sun no longer rises in a consistent direction each day. Travelers often find themselves moving in circles and backtracking unintentionally, even when moving forwards in a straight line. The only beasts that seem capable of truly traversing the Deep Steppe are horses. Horses are at home there, and a good horse can ignore the strange effects of the Steppe.

As a result, nobody is really sure how big the Infinite Steppe is, or whether or not it actually has a "size" in the way that we know it at all, they just know that it's as big as it needs to be to be inconvenient to cross, and that on the other side, great riches await.