Wagon Folk Edit

Believed by many to originate in Karthack, the "Wagon Folk" immigrated to Vosca generations ago from 'the east' and are suspected by many to be of Karthacki descent. They are easily recognizable by the brightly coloured wagons they live and travel in. They make their livings through "equal parts of small-scale trade, tinkering, performance, and larceny." They are generally distrusted and disliked by the Genosian Church and by the people themselves. They have their own language, and most of them are Dessian; though some have converted to Genosism. Their musical inclinations may be partially inspired by the religious traditions of Dessianism and Bocanadessia's song.

The Wagon Folk are sometimes pejoratively called "Minstrels."

The Sliver Travelers Edit

Similar to the Wagon Folk, the Travelers live on the Sliver Islands, traveling between them on boats that can be converted into wagons for travel over land and sea. They make their living in a similar way to the Wagon Folk, and are generally distrusted by the populace. This was not aided by the fact that the Queen of Krajina, Dahaka the Black, intentionally made proclamations granting the Travelers freedom of movement across all roads in the Krajina, granted them her protection, and awarded a Headman with a golden raven, a symbol which is commonly used to denote an agent of the monarchy. The people, assuming the Travelers to be spies working for the Osterbs, began killing them in spite of the protection offered to them by the crown, and they were mostly driven out of Krajina and those who remain tend to stick to the outlying islands.