See also Trolls (Homebrew)

Trolls are cunning predators, often believed to be Spawn of the Dark Watchers. Their bodies are hideous, twisted parodies of human form, with a slack, barely expressive human face attached to a monstrous and emaciated torso, with some parts protected by overlapping bony plates, and clawed hands and prehensile feet. Called "Fasci" in Illegon because of their ability to squeeze into very tight spaces (which causes their bones to poke morbidly out of their flesh, making them look like a bundle of sticks) they prey almost exclusively on humans. Some trolls can mimic human speech, though it always sounds stilted and lilting. They often use this ability to lure travelers to their doom.

They are infamous for their resilience to magic, and for their quick healing. They are also notoriously sadistic and cruel, often baiting their prey along for days before moving in for the kill. They can be found everywhere, but they are territorial, and rarely group together except in small gangs — often presumed to be family units, though no infant trolls have ever been seen.