The best universities can be found in Solar Illegon, where the Universities of Ruvia, Ladonia and Tolona can be found. Ruvia's university is the oldest, dating back to the Ruvian Empire millennia before the modern era, but Ladonia is commonly held to be the best of the three because of its semi-complete historical record of Vosca, acquired over the course of centuries by an unnamed Paladin who smuggled rubbings of the private Solar Records on Mount Genosus out.

The Kaselreich's finest university is in the city of Kasel itself, with powerful competing schools in the Pomerijan city of Nordesbek and the Kavarian city of Sonnenburg. These schools may not have as long a history as the Illegosi schools, but their standards of education are every bit as exquisite, and they have the benefit of the expanded knowledge found by the Kasonic Order, which includes a great deal of arcane and potentially heretical material. Of course, these poisonous artifacts and manuscripts are not available to most students.

Krajina's most prestigious universities are tied inexorably to the fencing schools that are so important in their noble politics. This led to the initially sarcastic, and eventually official adoption of a weapon monicker for some universities. The University of Tuck and the University of Messer are widely agreed to be the best, residing in Jagodina and Kralchester respectively.