Victor Slate is a legendary Paladin, one of the greatest agents of Genosus. Also called "The Infidel Crusher," "The Beast of Dawn" and "The Fist of God" in Genosian lore, he's a consummate witch hunter, destroyer of cults, demons, and monsters.

Slate is part of one of the very few sub-factions of Paladins. Normally a highly united and organized group, Slate, and a very few others like him, refuse to operate as part of the greater organization, and act independently, striking out alone into the twilight world outside Mount Genosus to continue the works they had pursued in life, rather than submitting their will to the more pragmatic and mysterious directives of the Paladin Order.

He was one of the Paladins who opposed the current Pontifatrix, and as a result he has lost favor with the church, and has gone semi-rogue, ignoring the dictates of the church and simply pursuing his perceived duty of destroying all enemies of Genosus. His achievements are too numerous to easily count, and at times it is difficult to discern between his wrath and natural disasters. His targets are heathens, heretics, infidels and wizards, witches, schemers and manipulators of civilized men, and all know him, and of his coming.

His approach is always well-heralded. When Slate chooses a target, they begin to experience visions, hallucinations, and to hear the slow beating of drums. Images of ruin and the creaking sound of a great, swinging chain become unmistakable. Men have run for days from the noise, only to find, behind the final door, their destroyer waiting for them. What remains can generally be held in a single hand, if sheltered from the wind.

He famously uses a heavy iron ball attached to a chain, itself connected to a gauntlet, as his weapon, and his great strength, huge size and heavy armor allows him to swing it around with terrible abandon.

These Rogue Paladins maintain their connection to their deity despite their distance and alienation, by coming to embody an aspect of the Solar Creed with such passion that, legend has it, The Indefatigable Sun cannot bring himself to turn away from them, despite their disobedience. The Aspect of each rogue inevitably brings about a title granted by the people who witness their works.